Tuesday, November 21, 2006

the very definition of "sketchbook fart."

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a hairy fat man, with a teeny lil wee wee.
the inspiration for this hit just before a family dinner. thats what you get for being the youngest of three brothers i guess.... dick and fart jokes are par for the course, and they never seem to lose their appeal.
sadly, this is really all ive drawn in the past week, due to my hectic schedule as a diligent warehouse monkey.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

dynamic duo

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so heres the splash page from a few batman samples im doing for the portfolio.
trying to mimic bruce timms style is proving to be interesting, i dont really have to implement as much of my own style. its difficult to nail the look in every panel however, and that is proving to be the most challenging part of these samples.
i just sent a package off to marvel comics yesterday, so i'll be patiently awaiting their reply of "you suck, draw some more pages, send them to us and we'll tell you you suck again."
its all a vicious cycle i guess. ">

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

blog virgin. i hear it hurts the first time.

so heres where i plan to post recent works, sketches and thoughts i have throughout the coming months, including updates on current projects. The first big news is that kid kozmik finally has a home at arcana studios. they plan on soliciting the book for an april release, so tuck away three bucks for that day when the book finally hits the shelves. issues should then follow every month on through july..... now i just have to draw the last 2 issues.